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What’s good for our planet
is good for your business

The world has turned. The days of businesses treating environmental action as a nice-to-have are over. In the eyes of employees, customers and investors, it’s a must-have.
By partnering with Brynk, your business can genuinely make, and effectively 
communicate, its planet positive impact.

Let’s put the planet in your plans

Choose a mix of tree planting or carbon offsetting

Plant trees or buy certified carbon credits to offset your business, customers or employees.

Measure your real time impact with your company's dynamic Impact Forest.

Share your company's impact on your website and social channels.

Need a tailored plan? We'll partner with you to help guide your business toward net zero

Why choose tree planting?

Planting trees is the most tangible and cost effective way of fighting the climate crisis in the long term. Not only are they highly effective at storing CO2, but they also restore ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and provide a pathway out of poverty for vulnerable communities.

Plant trees for your business to

•  Build loyalty with your customers
•  Reward your employees 
•  Be a responsible and sustainable business

Why choose carbon credits?

Purchasing verified carbon credits is a simple and high-impact way to support a transition to a low-carbon world. An official carbon credit prevents 1 metric tonne of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Buy credits for your business to

•  Offset your workforce as an employee benefit
•  Make your products carbon neutral
•  Offset your energy use, car fleet or travel

Plant your forest.
Share your progress.

Just like the real forest planted on your behalf, your virtual Impact Forest is a living, breathing, beautiful thing. Visually captivating and constantly evolving, it presents your real-time and future impact for all to see.

•  Share it with employees and suppliers

•  Link it to your company website 

•  Share it through your social channels 

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