From the highlands to the coast, Kenya has an incredible diversity of forest types that have long-supported vibrant and unique communities and wildlife. But mismanagement of the forests in recent decades has caused massive environmental degradation. Today only 7% of Kenya is covered by trees. As a result, the country has seen an increase in severe drought and extreme poverty.


Planting in Kenya began in March 2020 and so far over 1 MILLION TREES are in the ground. There are exciting plans to expand projects and training programs across the country. 


In the Great Rift Valley, Eden Projects has started implementing a vision of restoring the once thriving Afromontane ecosystem of the Kijabe Forest. These systems are subtropical regions that are critical for providing a reliable water supply, landslide protection, and of course, absorbing carbon.


On Kenya’s coast, Eden Projects’ work has focused on restoring the super-co2-sequesting mangrove, and coastal forest habitats of The Lamu region, providing essential protection of coastal ecosystems, local livelihoods, and the coast line itself.