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ITG has committed to being
Carbon neutral by

Working in partnership with Brynk, we will plant 1 million trees by the end of this year, absorbing over half a million tonnes over their lifetime.

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Making a difference where it matters most

The ITG forest won't just absorb CO2. It will support local communities facing the biggest impact of climate change

Mangrove trees planted at our main site in Boanamary, Madagascar, will create new breeding grounds for fish and sea creatures providing a vital source of food and income. They also prevent rainwater running off into the sea, improving soil quality and crop yields

So far we have planted


trees across 3 locations

Absorbed an estimated


Kg of CO2

Covering an area the size of


football pitches

This is enough CO2 to fill


Wembley stadium

Helping local communities
help themselves

Deforestation isn't just bad for the planet. It has a devastating effect on people's lives
and livelihoods. Working in partnership with Brynk and the Eden Reforestation
Projects, the TeamITG Forest will employ 40 people for a year and support
the local communities for generations to come.

To date we helped:




Hours of fair employment

Where we are planting and why

Planting tree's are one of the most effective way for us to help heal our plant from the devastation
and destruction that has been created through carbon emissions. Mangrove tree's are excellent
carbon sequesters that store carbon in their root system underground as long as they are managed
properly and allows to flourish. We're supporting communities that will manage our forest to
ensure our trees do their best for the planet.






Mangrove forest can store
up to four times more carbon
than land-based forests.






Reforestation is key to
Combating serve droughts and
extreme poverty in kenya






Mozambique has lost 8 million+
hectares of forest through
deforestation - an area the size

of Portugal

Together we can do even more

If you'd like to work with us on this project, please get in touch.