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About us

We're a connected community taking action to rebalance our planet

Who do we work with ? 

We only work with trusted organisations like Gold Standard and Eden Reforestation Projects to ensure your money works as hard as possible for the planet.

What do we do ?

We're a start-up with a big ambition to tilt the world's climate back, favouring a habitable future by using the latest technology and best methods.

Where do we work ?

Brynk works with trusted organisations to reforest degraded land, removing CO2 whilst providing job opportunities to local communities.

Our Portfolio

We choose tree & credit projects to maximise your impact across the globe.

Through our rigorous onboarding process we partner only with the most credible, respected and trusted organisations to assure you're buying quality and doing your bit in the fight against climate change.

Our Values

Read some of our amazing contributions to the environment
A force for good

We focus our efforts on supporting our people and planet. We’re here to do the right thing and make sustainability commercially viable.


We are courageous and innovative, relentlessly pursuing solutions to save our planet. Partnering with our customers to find new ways to make doing good, right for business.

Distinct Aligned

We believe everyone brings something to the table. Teamwork is more than a buzzword, at Brynk everyone has a voice that should be heard - because collaboration creates success.


We operate with integrity and make decisions informed by scientific evidence. We’re a trusted partner in a world of misinformation.

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Meet our team


Luke Evans

Chief Cheerleader


Hayley Mungall

Product NInja


Sunita Nayak

Software Ninjaneer


Lewis Plamer

Kick Ass Developer


Ellie Cremar

Social Inventor 


Stephanie Ireland

Marketing Rockstar


Andrew Dougal

Supply Chain Manager


Amanda Mead

Media & PR


Chris Long

Copy Cruncher


Christina Leannou

Media & PR


Arnaud Vignon

Lord of All Things Technical


Adrian Bower

Non-Executive Director

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 10.43_edited.jpg

Arun A Nayamag

Chief Geek

Our partnerships

We’ve joined up with leading organisations and projects so that making a tangible impact on the climate crisis is something we can all do.

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