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  • Are you a charity or are you making a profit?
    Brynk is a start-up with lofty ambitions and therefore we need to make a profit to generate investment so we can grow quickly enough to make an impact on the climate. We’re re-investing 100% of this profit back into the business. We’re also a Pending Certified B Corp business which means we’re legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We are committed to joining the B-Corp community as we believe in business as a force for good. Our pledge to our members and supporters is that we’ll always be transparent about what’s going on underneath the hood of our business.
  • How does planting trees help the planet?
    The climate crisis we’re facing has come about as a result of too much carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Trees can remove and store some of that carbon and the trees we’re planting are uniquely talented at this. Notably mangroves whose superpower is not only absorbing carbon, but storing it in the ground for long periods of time. Read more about how they do it here
  • How do I know my trees have actually been planted?
    All our tree planting partners are regularly audited by third party inspectors, assuring us that the number of trees planted is accurate. They even give us drone footage and satellite coordinates so we can check for ourselves. We’re able to visit planting sites and hope to open up these opportunities to our members as we grow.
  • Is the land protected? How do I know that my trees will be safe?
    Our trees are planted exclusively on government protected and private land that is legally safeguarded and designated for reforestation. Trees are monitored through drone footage, chronologically-based photographic evidence and on-site inspection by our third party auditors.
  • Is it true that offsetting eases guilt but doesn’t change behavior?
    Research shows that once individuals are aware of their footprint, they’ll make conscious changes to reduce it. So as much as we love trees and renewables - offsetting should always go hand in hand with changes in lifestyle and consumer habits. We’re passionate about solving the climate crisis and want to tackle the problem with every force we have.
  • Climate change is a complex problem. What is the solution according to Brynk?
    It’s quite simple in our minds - the Brynk formula is to help you measure your own footprint, give you tips on how to reduce it as much as you can through lifestyle changes, and offset what’s left. We also believe strongly that the most important factor in tackling the climate crisis is lobbying governments for systematic policy change. We’re going to be getting involved in this much more as we grow too, but in the meantime watch our social media channels for opportunities to sign petitions and make your voice heard.
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