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Putting trees, and carbon, back in the ground.

Tree planting

Your trees absorb, store and recycle CO2, putting it back in the earth where it belongs. 



By investing in clean energy projects, you’re helping to keep fossil fuels in the ground for good.

Watch your trees go to work

While busy storing CO2 in their trunks, branches and roots, trees are doing so much more for the environment and communities. They help restore rainfall and river systems, return biodiversity to regenerating areas, and provide a livelihood to locals.

Your support means we can get on with planting the most effective trees on protected land in many different places around the world.


We plant trees to 
absorb CO2 emissions, 
restore ecosystems and 
improve biodiversity


Your tree 
planting projects 
help improve livelihoods through fair wages and sustainable income


As your trees 
grow they become super 
CO2 sequesters

How renewables work

Renewable energy helps replace the damaging use of fossil fuel. Your money buys carbon credits which are invested into clean energy technologies, reducing harmful emissions. The more credits bought, the more wind, solar and hydro farms get built.

Not all carbon credits are created equal. Ours are certified Gold Standard and VERRA certified, which is the benchmark for carbon credits. They’re fully audited and deliver social benefits for local communities.


You generate carbon emissions from travel, energy use and 
other lifestyle choices


We buy credits equal to the amount of CO2 you produce


The money funds certified projects that generate 
clean energy or boost 

Kick-off your tree planting journey and help preserve our planet

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