165,992 trees

Planted by our community

79K Tonnes

estimated CO2 absorbed in the collective lifetime of the trees

1660 days

of fair employment


Mozambique is a large and ecologically diverse nation, located on the eastern coast of Africa (opposite Madagascar). Over 45% of the population live beneath the poverty line and rely heavily on its natural resources and forests for survival.

Historically home to vast mangrove estuaries and forests, Mozambique’s mangroves have been largely decimated and destroyed. Human activities such as intense demand for firewood and charcoal, transforming forests into farmland, and commercial logging are the leading causes of this massive environmental degradation. But in the past decades Mozambique has also suffered from several particularly catastrophic cyclones, and cycles of severe flooding and drought. 

Since 2018 Eden Reforestation Projects has been working with local communities and villagers who are hired to restore, replant and protect these precious forest systems that sequester large amounts of carbon, and create a natural buffer zone for severe storms. 

Eden Projects have also started to work with native terrestrial tree species and as of July 2020, eight mangrove sites around the Maputo region are under active restoration management, with over nine million mangrove trees planted by Eden Projects within Mozambique between October 2018 and June 2020.